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The Lucia Light Machine

The Light Projekt is a Barcelona initiative centred around the Lucia No.3 Hypnagogic Lamp developed by clinical psychologist Dr Englebert Winkler and specialist in Neurology Dr Dirk Proeckl.

The Lucia No. 3 is a stroboscopic lamp controlled by a dedicated software system that has the effect of inducing in the experiencer various states such as deep relaxation, meditative or dream-like states and various transcendental experiences. It is increasingly used in therapeutic settings as well as in research environments relating to entheogenic or perceived near-death experiences.

Austrian clinical psychologist Dr. Engelbert Winkler and his research partner, neurologist Dr. Dirk Proeckl first developed the Lucia Hypnagogic Light device arising out of research into Near-Death Experiences and the realization of the health and psychological benefits that often were a result of such experiences. Looking at ways of replicating the benefits of the NDE they hit on the idea of simulating one of the key motifs of the experience – interaction with light - and developed Lucia as a means of stimulating the brain via an external stroboscopic light source. The resulting EEG brain-wave patterns and mental states have been shown to be equivalents of the measured reactions of subjects who are meditation practitioners of many years experience.

Lucia No.3 as a neurostimulator therefore is capable of inducing experiences that can be compared to deep relaxation and meditative states, mystical experiences, simulations of the Near-Death or Out-of-Body experience and realities experienced under entheogenic substances such as DMT.

A full account of the development and current usage in practice of the Lucia device may be found at the Lucia website and below is part one of a video interview with Lucia’s inventors Dr Englebert Winkler and specialist in Neurology Dr Dirk Proeckl.

An Interview with the inventors of Lucia No3

Author and researcher Anthony Peake on Lucia

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